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Demographic Engineering (Dissertation)

  • “Demographic Engineering and International Conflict: Evidence from China and the Former USSR” (with Anna Zhang). International Organization. (2019) Link

Awarded best paper by a graduate student at the 2018 Pacific International Politics Conference.

  • “Mass Resettlement and Political Violence: Evidence from Rwanda.” World Politics, 2018. Link.

  • “Mass Resettlement and the Production of Ethno-Religious Conflict in Ireland.” In progress.
  • “Demographic Engineering and International Conflict: A Global Survey.” In progress.
The Legacies of Colonialism on Political Attitudes
  • “Indirect Colonial Rule Undermines Support for Democracy: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Namibia” (with Marie Lechler). Comparative Political Studies (2018). Link.
Awarded Reinhard Selten Award for best paper by a young author at the 2017 German Economic Association meeting. 
  • “Indirect Colonial Rule and the Political Salience of Ethnicity.” Revise and Resubmit at World Development. Link.
The Construction of Ethno-Racial Boundaries in the Americas
  • “Colonialism, Path Dependency, and Comparative Racial Identification in the Americas.” Revise and Resubmit at the American Journal of Sociology. Link.
  • “Becoming Black in Jamaica.” In progress.
  • “Becoming Indigenous in Mexico” (with Edgar Vivanco Franco). In progress.
Other Research and Public Academia
  • “China: Prospects for Export-Driven Growth” (with B. Coates and D. Horton). Australian Treasury Economic Roundup Issue 4, 2012. Link.
  • “The Red Line and ‘Tribalism’ in Contemporary Namibia.” The Namibian, 17 February 2017. Link
  • “China’s prospects for export-driven growth” (with B. Coates and D. Horton). East Asia Forum, 9 March 2013. Link.


  • “A Step Towards Outfit Equality.” Oxford Student, 3 August 2012. Link.